Cardiovascular Imaging Center


Cardiovascular Imaging Center

We can perform the following tests and more right in our Williamsville and Orchard Park offices to determine your cardiovascular health and the need for further treatment:

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

This simple test records the electrical activity of the heart with electrodes attached to the skin. Our doctors interpret the recordings to measure the rate and regularity of the heartbeat, to evaluate the effect of devices or drugs on regulating the heart, and to diagnose arrhythmias or other heart conditions.

Stress Test or Exercise ECG

Performed while you are walking on a treadmill or in some cases, while taking medication, this test compares your coronary circulation while you're at rest with your circulation doing maximum physical exercise. It also shows any abnormal blood flow to the heart muscle tissue.

Patient getting stress test


Our diagnostic services include complete evaluation of the heart, valves, and cardiac function through 2-D and M-mode imaging with Doppler and color flow ultrasound.

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Nuclear Imaging

A Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist will administer a radioisotope through an intravenous line and take a series of images to identify areas of poor blood flow. Tests could include Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI), commonly called a cardiac stress test; a resting Equilibrium Radionuclide Angiography (MUGA) where a scan is performed to determine how well your heart is pumping blood throughout your body; or possibly a Resting Thalium test, which is a Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) test used for detecting your heart's viability.

Vascular Flow Studies

We can provide a number of ultrasound exams to evaluate blood flow through the veins and arteries to screen for disease, insufficiencies and abnormalities. Tests could include a Carotid Doppler, Ankle Brachial Index test or an Arterial Imaging test, among others.

Cardiology Group of WNY's specialties include Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Imaging Center, The Center for Vascular and Vein Medicine, and Electrophysiology.

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